Monday, April 22, 2013

Brunch at Beanstro

This visit took place 3 months ago in January 2013. Yet I have been super busy in the past 3 months hence I almost forgot to make this post.

The restaurant is located inside the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. And it has a great spot as it is located next to the lagoon.

And now, the food!
I could comment that they served all great meal for brunch and for all day diner. But please excuse me that I could not recall the name of the dishes that we ordered on that day.

Finally allow me to share the bag that accompanied me during the short trip. To be honest I rarely used this bag for travelling purpose since I heard so much comments about the leather that may not be considered as travel-friendly. It meant that before this trip I had the concern about the bag would easily get scratches/rubs from frequent airport security checks/scans or from my own kicks while on the plane (ehm, the bag must be stored under the seat in front of us, hence it is very prone it will get some kicks from my own shoes).
However my hypothesis was not right. The bag could survive the trip! The leather was not as fragile as I initially thought. So yes, it has passed with flying colour to be a travel companion. In fact I am thinking to take my Balenciaga Work Sang for my next trip.

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