Monday, April 22, 2013

Recent findings: croco wallet in havana

I love handbags that are made from exotic skins. In my own definition, exotic skins would include python , ostrich, lizard and crocodile skins. For me, the luxurious exotic skins will speak for itself and we don't need to choose one with a complicated model or with too many metal hard wares  A clean line and minimalist look will suffice  I don't care if it has no brand. Currently I do own few handbags made from python skin, wallet and clutch made from crocodile skin. And I still have a wishlist to have a clutch made from lizard skin or a hobo bag made from ostrich leather.

And recently I just added my exotic collection when I got this beauty. It is a wallet made from REAL crocodile skin in havana colour. And yes, it has no brand yet the craftsmanship is very good (well at least it meet my meticulous quality check lol). Unexpectedly I got it during my recent trip to China where my favourite souvenir was usually a few packs of Chinese jasmine tea.

I was then told that for handbags or leather goods made from crocodile skin, basically they will use the skin from either the back/shoulder or belly (stomach) part. I was not aware at the beginning, but in fact now I have wallets made from crocodile skin from both parts and can now do a comparison. The back/shoulder part is a rough surface while the belly part has smooth surface and it shows a more luxurious look. The price of goods made from belly part is much more expensive (at least double) than the shoulder part. When we see the premium designers that make crocodile bags (just think about Hermes Birkin), then surely it is made from the belly part from the best crocodile skin.
Below is the comparison photo of my croco wallet that are made from back/shoulder and belly crocodile skin.

Left: a wallet made from shoulder part of crocodile skin (rough surface)
Right: a wallet made from belly part of crocodile skin (smooth and soft surface)


  1. Was this in HK? Can you share with me the location of the store?

    1. I got this croco wallet in Guangzhou, China.