Saturday, April 27, 2013

My favourite clutch: Saint Laurent Y Clutch

My clutch collection has been very minimum and I have been thinking to slowly grow my collection. My wish is to have few clutches in several neutral/basic colours (thinking of black, beige, red and blue).
When I saw YSL Chyc clutch in YSL store last year (and it is now labeled as Saint Laurent Y clutch), I knew for sure that the clutch would meet my basic requirements, i.e. the clutch is big enough that a continental wallet can go inside it and its magnetic closure would make it easy to open. Yet I just held the thought of buying it as I had other bags on my top wishlist.
But this year I can not wait any longer, so I decided to get the clutch. Two clutches.
I am now excited to share my recent Saint Laurent Paris haul: Y clutch in red and light beige. The red one is in texture leather while the light beige is in smooth leather.

Saint Laurent Paris Y Clutch in red
Saint Laurent Paris Y Clutch in light beige

Most of the time, the clutch will accompany me for attending wedding reception. For such an event, I will carry basic stuffs like bellow and leave everything else at home (no power bank for instance):

Bottega Veneta continental wallet (the wallet is thin enough so it can easily fit inside the clutch), mirror, lipstick from Bobbi Brown, smart phone and a green pouch as a tissue pouch.

The green pouch has tissue (wet and dry) inside

A roomy clutch

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  1. I love the red clutch. I cannot believe how much you managed to fit into it...