Saturday, July 19, 2014

Louis Vuitton family

I used to be a Louis Vuitton addict for a long time. I remember that my first Louis Vuitton bag was purchased in 1998 while I was studying in the UK. Since then I can not be stopped in adding my LV collection that at one point of time I had a significant number of Louis Vuitton bags and small leather goods. However as I (easily) get bored with all those monogrammed bags, I gradually let go of my Louis Vuitton bags and wallets, until those shown on the photo are the remaining. So now I have zero or nil Louis Vuitton bags and I intend to keep only these few items of small leather goods.

But, maybe one day I would go back to my old habit... i.e. start collecting handbags from Louis Vuitton. Well, who knows... because I rather believe in an old proverb saying that 'old habits are hard to break' LOL

Please check here for my past Louis Vuitton collection.

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  1. like!
    got the exactly the same purple epi wallet like urs! :)
    alice FD :)