Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summary of 2013 bag acquisition: Longchamp

Another warning: this is another (very) late post.

Still under the same topic (i.e. Summary of bag acquisition), this time I want to feature my Longchamp bag acquisition in 2013. If someone reads my blog, the reader can easily understand that I have an obsession over Longchamp Le Pliage (in addition to those premium designer handbags). From time to time I kept buying their popular Le Pliage bags that have distinguished and lovely prints from season to season. Last year was not an exception. I hauled some Le Pliage bags throughout 2013 yet I have to admit that the numbers were not as many as I got in 2012. By the end of 2013 I just added another 6 bags from the Le Pliage series that I shown in above photo. And one thing for sure is that now I much prefer the Le Pliage bags that come with long straps. These bags are just perfect for accompanying me while I run some errands.

Please check this link for a glimpse of my Longchamp Le Pliage collection.

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