Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Recent beauty haul

This is another late post as those were my beauty haul around 3-4 months ago. To be honest, I almost forgot that I took some photos of my beauty haul that can be posted in the blog. Well, some items were my repeat purchases while others were new stuffs that I wanted to give a try. So far I am quite happy with those items, except the foundation stick from Bobbi Brown. I guess that its foundation texture does not really match with my skin type. I would definitely prefer Maestro fusion makeup from Giorgio Armani.

From Chanel
Powder blush #76
Long lasting eyeliner #20
Long lasting eyeliner #104

From Bobbi Brown
Eye makeup remover
Brow pencil 'Ash'
Foundation stick #3.5
Foundation stick #4.5

From Giorgio Armani
Maestro fusion makeup #7
UV master primer
Micro-fill loose powder #2
Rouge ecstasy #600
Rouge ecstasy #403
Brow defining pencil #2

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