Monday, July 27, 2015

Summary of 2014 bag acquisition


I am fully aware that I am very very late to upload this post. It has been 6 months late. But I always believe that it is better late than never.

So without further ado, I wish to share the (annual) summary of my bag acquisition in 2014 (Note: today is almost the end of July 2015. So this is a very very very very late post).

The summary is very simple (and short) because I did not buy many designer handbags last year. In fact, one of them was actually a present (i.e. Givenchy Pandora in purple). Something important to note is that last year I ventured myself for getting my very first Mansur Gavriel and Chanel vintage flapbag and I love them instantly. I love them so much that this year I have expanded the bag family for both mentioned names. To date my bag collection for Chanel vintage flapbag and Mansur Gavriel have been growing in the steady pace. 4 Chanel vintage flapbags and 3 Mansur Gavriel bags (soon will be 4!) are already in my closet now. Maybe by the end of the year the situation might change (and expand). Who knows!

A brand that has been constantly on my acquisition list is obviously Celine. I have been a Celine aficionado in the past 4 years. Last year I successfully managed to get my first Celine Luggage Nano in gorgeous coquelicot red. However since then I feel 'less excited' for Celine and I have stopped buying Celine handbags for nearly 10 months. So nothing much has changed for Celine collection since last year (no new addition but there is reduction). But maybe the situation might change towards year end. Who knows!

P.S. By the time I wrote this post, the green Celine Trio has found a new home/owner. I decided to sell it because I have got too many Celine Trios and green is not really my colour. If someday Celine releases a gorgeous pink Trio, then I would definitely need to have one!

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