Sunday, January 27, 2013

Summary of 2012 bag acquisition

I slowed down in 2012 on bag acquisition (for premier designer handbags category) . Yes, I did it!
I have passed my addiction on Balenciaga hence I bought NO Balenciaga bags in 2012. I also bought much less Celine bags *big grin* It is an accomplishment for me as in 2012 I really want to cut down my bag collection and to focus on brands that I really love.

I noticed that in 2012 Celine was getting stronger in term of maintaining its 'IT Bag' status. And to be honest that during the year I was quite content as I managed to get few Celine bags in 2011 when prices were much lower (yay!). My highlight of 2012 was the croc stamped trapeze and phantom which are Celine iconic bags. At the end of 2012 I have enough Celine bags that I don't think I would put another Celine bags (like luggage/trapexe/phantom) in my 2013 bag wishlist. But I will hold that thought until I check the new Celine's Edge or All Soft bags lol. Both are new bag styles introduced in 2013 and I have heard high anticipation or excitement for the bags.

I got my very first Mulberry bag in early 2012 when I was looking for a small cross body bag. It is Mini Alexa in conker. The satchel style won my heart instantly and getting the bag during end of season sale was another plus point. But to be honest I am not sure if I am willing to get another Mulberry bag given the fact that Mulberry bags (like mine) are Made China. It turned me off knowing the fact that a name that is regarded as one of high-end brand has started outsourcing the production in China *sigh*

I have been a long term fans of Yves Saint Laurent, and when the house introduced the new Chyc Cabas style I instantly joined the hype. And I had no regret! It is indeed a chic bag, a great travel companion and the bold Y metal logo has made a strong statement for the look. After YSL is now replaced by SLP *weep* I might put the smaller version of Chyc Cabas (with long strap) my 2013 wishlist (which is now called Petit Cabas Y). We'll see then whether Saint Laurent Paris' Petit Cabas Y will be part of 2013 venture.

Proenza Schouler has maintained its status as one of my favourite brands in the past 2.5 years. I got my first PS1 bag in 2010 and I know that the bag is a keeper. I have never had a thought to let the bag go out of my collection (In the contrary I was busy getting rid of my many Balenciaga bags in the past 2 years lol). So in 2012 I decided to get another PS1 medium and midnight blue was my choice.

Goyard is my new venture in 2012 and it immediately becomes my favourite brand. The bag is  lightweight and easy for maintenance. It is perfect for daily bag. I prefer its tote style bag like St Louis and Hardy. Size wise, I always opted PM size given my small frame (5'1). The bag continues on my wishlist as I am still eyeing St Louis PM in blue.

To conclude, I am happy with my 2012 bag acquisition (on premier designer handbags category) and I bought much less bags than in 2011 (check my summary of 2011 bag acquisition in here). Mission accomplished!

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