Monday, January 16, 2012

Summary of 2011 bag acquisition

In this post I want to ‘summarize’ my bag acquisition for the whole 2011, especially for the ‘premium’ designer handbags. To my surprise, I thought that the number was quite okay compared to the previous year (too bad I did not have any 2010 summary on bag acquisition). I remembered very well that 2010 was my ‘Balenciaga year’ :D  I was so crazy (and mad) for Balenciaga and scored more than a dozen of Balenciaga bags (if I am not mistaken)

But then in 2011, things have changed and I ventured out to brands that I never looked at before (e.g. Celine). And I slowed down my pace on the (premium) designer bag acquisition. So I ended up with an acceptable level of new bags, oh and please also note that I have let go few of my bags. So by the end of 2011 the total number of my bags did not increase significantly.

At the beginning of 2011, I was excited already as I got this vintage Hermes Kelly 32 in box leather with gold hardware. My excitement was due to the obvious fact that the bag was still in pristine condition. Super Yay!

My Balenciaga fever was still continued but I was very careful in adding my collection. I did not want to repeat the same Balenciaga severe addicition as I had in 2010. Throughout 2011, I had only 3 new Balenciaga bags, i.e. Nuage (SS11), Coquelicot (FS11) and Black, and I managed to ‘stabilize’ my Balenciaga collection to around 10 bags til year end.

As a loyal fans of Bottega Veneta, I always kept my eyes on their collection and put one or two bags on my (never ending) wishlist. This was quite obvious as throughout 2011 I made several posts on my obsession over Bottega Veneta bags. But it turned out that during 2011 I scored only 2 bags, which were Assenzio large Veneta and Magma large Belly. Both were from SS 2011 collection. But pssst, let me tell you a secret that I decided to let go Magma belly as I thought the colour was too bright for me  hehehe

As an impulsive person (especially on bag purchase lol) I bought these 2 Chanel bags ‘impulsively’ during my recent Europe trip. I was thinking of getting another jumbo or maxi jumbo classic flap bag, but I changed my mind so quickly that finally I took these 2 bags instead. And there was no regret what so ever as both bags are very functional and very suitable to my casual style. The large Biarritz is my current favourite daily bag and sometimes works as my camera bag (big enough to put my DSLR camera with small lense attached). And the small nylon flap bag was from pre-FW 2011 under Paris-Byzance collection. It is very very lightweight and I like to use this bag when I was on a Saturday date with my DH ;)

A year ago I made a decision that from various YSL bag styles, ‘Easy bag’ was my favourite style. I sold my other YSL bag and kept only a black Easy (although muse two was very cool but it was not for me). So when I saw this gorgeous blue Easy bag in crest leather was on 30% discount (during Spring Summer end of season sale), I could not help myself but grabbed the bag very fast before someone snapped it lol.

If 2010 was my Balenciaga year, then 2011 was my Celine year. Well the brand which was recently revamped by genious Ms Phoebe Philo, has successfully made me addictive to its Luggage bags as well as Cabas bag. So I kept acquiring Celine luggage bags (especially the mini luggage) up to half a dozen. It was a record breaking for me considering that my acquaintance with Celine was only started in April 2011. And 7 months later, I had total seven Celine bags, consisting of half a dozen mini Luggage bags and one gorgeous lipstick red horizontal Cabas (see above photo). I always laugh at myself whenever I remember my current Celine fever. It was just so fast and I tought myself as lucky enough to get some of the most sought after colours like the one in cobalt blue. Being a successful Celine convert, I will continue my Celine obsession to 2012 and few colours of mini luggage bags have been on my wishlist

By the time I draft this post, some of the bags mentioned above have found new homes. Yes! Some of them did not last til Christmas 2011 :D  lol This is a proof that I have become very selective in keeping and collection the bags. I only want to keep the bags that I love, are suitable for my style and are timeless and classic.

In embracing 2012, my resolution for being a bag fetish is quite simple. I wish to get only the classic styles from my favourite brands and to cut down the number of my bag collection. Very simple, right? Hence I hope that I will be more cautious and become very thoughtful before I hit the ‘Buy Now’ button.

NOTE: I do acknowledge that my bag acquisition was not only these premium designer handbags. Therefore I will make a separate post in regards to “2011 summary on my ‘other’ bag acquisition”  J

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