Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My bag of the week

This week (and last week) has been a super busy week. Juggling between taking care of the kids, doing chores, preparing myself for the work next week *sigh*, visiting so many relatives during the festive event, frequently going out to the kids playground (almost everyday!), finalizing the house project and so on.... What an endless task list!!
So I need a very reliable bag for accompanying me doing those activities and Louis Vuitton Neverfull has been proven to be my best pal. I have continuously used Neverfull for almost two weeks. Yup, for 2 weeks! Hmmm, this is quite a record breaking as I normally changed the bag (almost) everyday LOL

Here, my loyal Neverfull is posing on the house project (pool terrace). Given the fact that Neverfull is made from canvas and has no vachetta at the bottom, I don't need to baby the bag. Yay! I could confidently put an LV bag on the (dusty) floor when I was inspecting the house today.

Oh, and I *heart* the tiles.... yellow and green have recently been my favourite colours (sorry for 'pink' and 'purple')


  1. I love the shape of this bag, i'm so bored of bowling bags but can never find any other practical shape to stuff my many necessary hand bag essentials in!

  2. Hi Charlotte Aimée Clarke, I do agree! I like its classic shape and how functional (and roomy) the bag is. Definitely this Neverfull is a keeper.