Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A story of a Balenciaga addict

Once upon a time, there was a girl (errr, woman) who got an addiction to bags.
Her first designer bag was Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Petite Noe bought in 1998 (which she kept it for more than a decade). LV Petite Noe was just the beginning. And within a short period of time more Louis Vuitton bags were acquired triumphantly into her collection. Until one day she got bored with the logo bags seen on almost every woman’s arm she bumped into.
Then she was introduced to Balenciaga in late 2007 after seeing a lady toting a city (motorcycle) bag in a local Louis Vuitton store. The distressed leather and chic design of Balenciaga truly mesmerized her and she found a new bag muse immediately. Balenciaga then became her bag obsession. Her addiction made her regularly getting (or buying) Balenciaga bags that she found.  New or pre-loved Balenciaga bags were frequently attained. And at that time it was not an easy period to get a great variety of Balenciaga bags in the city she lived in. The option was very very limited, but she managed to (gradually) grow her collection. Her bag shelves which were previously occupied mainly by Louis Vuitton bags was quickly exchanged into those bags stored in white canvas dustbag and her bag shelves had that ‘yummy real leather smell’ instead of canvas smell.
At the peak of her addiction to Balenciaga, she had 17 Balenciaga bags ranging from bags produced in 2006 to 2010 (at that time). But she further (and quicly) realized that 17 was way tooooo many and decided to slim down her Balenciaga collection. She worked very hard to downsize her Balenciaga collection into max 12 bags at anytime. And she constantly let go a number of Balenciaga bags until she was contented with the bags she had. Since then she was able to manage her Balenciaga bags around 10-12 bags.
When this post was made, her collection consists of 11 bags, 1 envelope cluth and 4 SLGs.
3.5 years down the road, she is now a Balenciaga content and lives happily ever after.

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