Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My first Burberry bag: Nova Check Medium Tote

Love its pleats

2 large zipped pockets. Wallet can be securely stored inside the zipped wallets

Inside is beige canvas lining

Wide/big zipper pull is a great attribute. Easy to open the zipped pockets

Embossed Burberry label inside the bag


I was a Burberry virgin. Until today.

I unexpectedly ordered this bag from my a local reseller. A post here was made when I just completed my order a month ago. I was drawn into its feminin pleats at both sides of the bag. And when the bag was received today, I was not disappointed at all. This will be a good daily bag for doing some errands. I like that it has few small inside pockets (mobile phone pocket, small zipper pocket and side pocket) and 2 large zipper pockets.  But I am not sure whether I can handle the light colour of Nova Check canvas. It is a classic check pattern but I noticed that the canvas material is prone to any stains.

I am now seriously contemplating whether it is meant to be part of my bag family or not. If not, then I would give the bag to my Mom who has been a Burberry aficionado for many many years.

The bag I purchased is Made in China. It is very COMMON for Burberry bags that are made from check canvas patterns (nova check/haymarket) to be manufactured in China.

And I want to highlight the fact that Burberry does not specifically name their bags!!! Most of the bags are simply called "Nova Check Tote Bag". LOL
Sometime it is confusing when I am about to ask someone to buy the style that I preferred without getting the proper name. It will be a helpful situation if Burberry has a name for each bag released. They should learn from it more senior brands like Louis Vuitton and Hermes who have creatively named the bags.

So, to keep or not to keep, that is the question......

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