Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another trial for my new bag closet

The last 3 weeks 4 weeks have been very hectic and I never changed bag during that period. I continuously wore my Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Neverfull and this has been my loyal bag companion.
So when I visited the house project, I let my loyal LV Neverfull to sit in the future bag closet while I took closer inspection to the house' finishing stage. For sure the closet is dusty!! But no need to worry as the monogram canvas material can be easily cleaned/wiped.

I noticed that the Monogram Canvas colour really matched with the wooden closet and wooden floor (in the main bedroom area). And I further imagined if the bag closet is already filled with bags from various brands. That will make a nice view for a bag fetish like me. Hahaha... I have soon to decide which shelves are designated to which brands and I do hope that my bag family can be stored in just one bag closet.

For next trial I am thinking to bring few bags and I can see how many bags can be stored in each shelf :p

Btw, this is the second trial/test for the new bag closet. Previously the closet has been tested and posted here.

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