Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Saint Laurent Paris Cabas Classique Y in blue

About 3 weeks ago, I gave a teaser on my latest Saint Laurent purchase (check here). But then I was on a long hiatus as I was out of town for more than 2 weeks. So without further ado, I am super excited to reveal my latest Saint Laurent joy, a Cabas Classique Y in bleu de France (this style was formerly known as Chyc Cabas Medium during Stefano Pilati's era).


While I am not so sure about Hedi Slimane's latest duffle bag (check here when I was seriously contemplating Saint Laurent  duffle bag), I never have any doubt about this bag. I already own a Chyc Cabas medium in green from the previous/first version of Chyc Cabas (i.e. the original creation of Mr. Pilati with Y accent panels). Therefore getting another one (in new version and pop colour) seems like a normal conduct for me lol.

What I like most about this bag is the leather and hardware. The leather is very luxurious and the new square-ish hardware has given a sleeker and more modern look. I notice that the removal of accent panels that create the 'Y' outline may cause the bag feels slouchier (this is also due to smoother leather used) as it becomes less structured. However this is not an issue for me as most of the time I carried the Chyc Cabas medium over my shoulder, hence the slouchier the more comfortable.

As expected the craftsmanship is excellent, and please note that the bag is made from full leather. It means that there is no cotton lining used when crafting the bag. In bag is lined in leather (suede). So please imagine when you open your bag you can also get the sensation of luxurious leather 'smell' lol. Well, this is the same sensation that I experienced with my first Celine mini luggage. Please beware that the nice leather smell is simply seductive and addicted lol.
Guess what, by the time I post this story to my blog I am already drooling over the new colour of Saint Laurent Classique Cabas Y in emerald green which was recently released in the website. I think I should make a separate post for this gorgeous green bag. And now please excuse me to review and revisit my bag wishlist.


  1. Gorgeous bag and beautiful colour...

  2. i love your YSL Chyc Cabas bags! they're gorgeous

  3. What color is this blue? It's fantastic.