Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bag of the day: Chanel Maxi Soft Caviar

This bag is an old version of Chanel Maxi flap bag and made from soft caviar leather. It is different from current maxi flap bags as they are now made from lambskin or caviar leather. This rather old bag is much less structured (due to the use of softer leather) than the regular Chanel flap bags. It is then common for this bag to have the slouchy look when it is worn.

I love to wear this bag to be paired with jeans, simple top and wedges or flat shoes. And today I wore my Chanel Maxi Soft Caviar to go to my son's school for meeting with his teachers. From the teachers I received a very positive feedback on my son's academic performance at school.  This has made my day.
So proud of you, Son *hugs*

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