Thursday, August 29, 2013

Afternoon tea at The Peninsula Hong Kong

So, this is another long overdue post. My apologies.

My DH and I went to Hong Kong in April following our short trip to Guangzhou (check the highlight of my Guangzhou trip here and here). We spent the days in Hong Kong for meeting my best friend (used to be my colleague at office who is now working in Hong Kong) and for visiting our favourite restaurants (those spicy crabs at Under Bridge restaurant in Wanchai is super delicious and has become our must-visit place in Hong Kong). Definitely we had a great time in Hong Kong and as always our highlight in Hong Kong trip is always about the food and food (and a little bit shopping of course).

And this time we managed to have the famous afternoon tea time at The Peninsula Hotel. Yay! After many failed attempts to get a table (due to our late arrival for the high tea session where the queue already reached 40 people and all tables are occupied), we were finally able to get a table and be served. The trick is to come early. The afternoon high tea session at The Peninsula Hotel is started at 2PM, and at 1.30PM we were already queueing. By the time we arrived at hotel at 1.30PM there were already 25 queues in front of us, but we were quite confident that we could get a table. And yes we did get a table after 25-30 minutes of queueing !

What I like best while having the tea time (other than enjoying the scrumptious snacks and cakes) is people watching. Our table is quite close to hotel main door, so we had a great view to watch beautiful, gorgeous and well-dressed guests who came in to the hotel or get off from their expensive super cars.

So in this post I wish to share the beautiful hotel lobby and excellent afternoon tea set that we had.

The classic decor

The silverware for serving

The view from my table

The food


During that trip (i.e. visiting Guangzhou and Hong Kong) I brought my loyal Proenza Schouler PS1 in Midnight blue. It is such a versatile bag and very good for travel companion. The leather is very durable, the pockets are quite handy and for sure I don't have to 'baby' the bag during the trip.

I am thinking to bring the same bag (but in red) for my next trip to India ;)

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