Thursday, November 3, 2011

La Vallee Village Outlet Shopping in Paris

The bus departs twice a day from the Cityrama office @Place des Pyramid.
It cost eur22 for round trip.

Longchamp outlet

We were on track in terms of visiting the shopping outlet in Barcelona and Paris. Both outlets are  under the same management of Chic Outlet Shopping that has several 'villages' accross Europe, including the one in the UK.

In Paris, we had to find further information in regards to this 'shopping trip' to Tourist Information Centre in Pyramides (metro station: Pyramides). The officer then advised us to go directly to its travel agent (Paris Cityrama) who arranged the shopping tour whose office was conveniently located also at Place des Pyramides. It is the area with a Joan of Arc golden statue, and only 5 minutes walk from Pyramides metro station.

The shopping shuttle has only 2 daily departure times from Place des Pyramides: 9.30 and 12.30, and we opted the early hour. It cost more expensive (at eur22 for a round trip) than the shopping shuttle in Barcelona. But the journey took longer time, up to 1 hour from Paris.

I found some of my favourite brands in Paris' outlet like Longchamp, Salvatore Ferragamo, Diesel, Celine, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tod's and they still have many more names.

As a Celine addict, I was hoping that I could find some good stuffs in this outlet. But I was disappointed that their classical/iconic bags were not on the shelves. I saw quite a few of leather bags, but I did not know the name. And there were also a small collection of long wallet in darker colours. I then left the store empty handed.

I also visited Tod's outlet and found out that the shoes sellection was not bad. They also had some nice leather bags that were sold at good discount.

And it is not a surprise that Longchamp outlet was one of the busiest store as it was full of tourists. Inside the Longchamp outlet I saw a vast sellection of bags (nylon & leather), SLGs, shawls, umbrella and luggages. A large number of colourfull Le Pliage bags (from past season collection) were also on display and it was the area where most visitors gathered around..hehehe...

The security at La Vallee Village is quite tight as I saw half of dozen security guards closely observed the visitors. They even did not allow me to take pictures inside the complex. Hence, this explains that I do not post as many pictures as my posting for La Roca Village.

The shopping shuttle is provided by Cityrama tour, which details can be found here.

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