Wednesday, November 2, 2011

La Roca Village Outlet Shopping in Barcelona

Bus stop sign at Plaza Catalunya

The bus that took us to the shopping outlet.
Cost EUR12 for a return journey. Departs 5 times a day from Plaza Catalunya.

I made a previous post in here that during our Eurotrip we planned to visit 2 shopping outlets located in Barcelona and Paris. And we succeeded in doing so!

Now, I wish to post my shopping experience in La Roca Village in Barcelona.

I read in their website that the bus (shopping express bus) will depart 5 times daily from Plaza Catalunya. But, Plaza Catalunya is huge and almost all buses make a stop there. Plus there are 9 streets around the Plaza. So, finding the bus stop was like a challenging task for us when we were at Plaza Catalunya for the first time. But then we accidently 'found' the bus stop after we just finished having the first lunch upon our arrival in Barcelona. The bus stop to go to this shopping outlet is just in front of our restaurant! How convenient! The name of the restaurant is Kilimanjaro. And the street name is Carrer de Fontanella. It is the street between the El Corte Ingles (there are 2 El Corte Inglas department stores in Plaza Catalunya. Find the biggest one!) and Kilimanjaro restaurant. (Psst, the restaurant serves a nice noodle paella as well).

The bus cost eur12 for a round trip and the journey (to/from outlet) took around 30-40 minutes. We decided to take the 11am bus (on our 2nd day in Barcelona) and returned to Plaza Catalunya by 5pm. And it was more than enough shopping time for us (including lunch session in the shopping outlet).
I found some of my favourite brands available in the outlet such as Camper, Loewe, Diesel, Mandarina Duck, Pretty Ballerina (will make a reveal soon), Hugo Boss, Polo Ralph Lauren, Kipling....

And of course I got some goodies for me, DH and my kids *wink*. But I tried so hard not to shop too much in Barcelona because we will have our last stop in Paris which is THE shopping heaven. Plus I don't want to haul over weight luggage to Barcelona's El Prat Airport (and Easyjet was very strict on baggage allowance!!)

For a complete list of brands available in La Rocca Village, please click here.

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