Thursday, July 7, 2011

Travelling in style with Louis Vuitton Keepall 60

I recently had a weekend getaway with DH. It was only a 2 day trip spent at a breath-taking resort which is located at the top of a cliff facing the Indian Ocean. The experience was simply beyond amazing for us:)

We travelled very very light, and I managed to put everything into only 1 luggage, which is a Louis Vuitton  Monogram Canvas Keepall 60. This has been my favourite luggage in the past 6 months and I have ignored our TUMI (small) suitcase as it is quite heavy ;) Keepall 60 is quite roomy, foldable and packable to be tucked into a bigger luggage/suitcase, tough enough AND it could give me an utmost sensation of 'Travelling in style" lol

Hands down to Louis Vuitton Keepall!!

Note: the pic above showed Keepall was sitting comfortably inside the massive bathroom/closet of our pool villa ;)

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