Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Belen Echandia: Summer Sale is Almost Over

A newsletter received from Belen Echandia

Our Summer Sale is almost over!  It will end at 6pm GMT on Friday 15 July, giving you just a few more days to snap up your wonderful Belen Echandia bag at an amazing price.  If you’re trying to decide which one to go for, don’t worry! Our stylist Janelle is on hand to help out. Just email janelle(@) and ask any question you want.

And some of my favourites from the sale items.....

Love Me Midi - Dark Pumpkin
GBP425 --> GBP276

Love Me Midi - Root
GBP425 --> GBP276

Inspire Me - Pewter
GBP525 --> GBP341

Protect Me - Red
GBP45 --> GBP29

These bags (and card holder) are still available. I still have few days left before the sale ends on this Friday. Choose, choose, choose....


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