Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Suddenly I am thinking about CHANEL

I adore Chanel classic flap bags. The design is genious and timeless. Craftsmanship is excellent. The brand image itself is getting stronger than ever as sooooo many socialites and celebrities carry Chanel bags. The sad fact is that the prices kept increasing (twice a year) in the past 2 years *frowning*

In the past 2 years (or since I knew Chanel *wink*) I managed to focus on only getting Chanel Classic flap bag. Now I have 6 (six) of them.
But suddenly today I had a strong urge to grow my Chanel family by getting a different style of bag.And  I kept thinking about these 2 bags: Biarritz vs. GST.

I can not have both (too greedy!), so I have to choose one bag. And I am still having a dillema. arrrgghhh.......

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