Friday, July 8, 2011

My second acquaintance with Auntie Betsie

2 days ago I 'met' Auntie Betsie. It was my second acquaintance with Auntie.
My first meeting with her was posted in here.

I saw new flower prints on cotton fabric and few designs (bag, pouches) that I quite liked. No wonder that I could not help myself but brought some of them home *wink*

I got 'tote' bag organizer, laptop carrier, bunny pouch, zipper pouches, drawstring bags, padded clutch, Hmmm, and diaper-wet tissuer organizer which is not featured in the photos.

I was pleased with the laptop bag which is used for my iPad. It's is slightly bigger than the normal size of iPad bag/clutch, but it would be also a handy bag to carry 1 or 2 magazines.


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  2. hi Fany, Thank you for visiting my blog :)
    I love Aunti Betsie products very much because they make my bag (and my life) more organized. And those colourful fabrics really made me addicted to them.
    Sure, I will regularly check your website to find further info. Cheers