Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My (future) bag closet

Today I visited our new house (still in progress) and found out that the walk-in closet has been nicely set up in the master bedroom. I have requested a special space for keeping my bags collection, and wanted it to be separated from the other wardrobes. And this is the final result. The size is just right (not too big and not too small) and I am sure it can store my curent bag collection comfortably.

The bag closet is 1 meter width and 2.4 meter height, divided into 6 shelves. --> I would definitely need small steps to reach the top shelf :D

Oh, and I have to mention that the other part of walk in closet has proper "his" and "her" wardrobes. So when my entire bag collection can no longer fit into this bag closet, I can still keep them in my "her" wardrobe *thinking to expand the bag closet*

And by the way, today I wore my new open tote from Cath Kidston in slate dots patterns. Considering that today was a hectic day and I planned to visit to the house which is under construction (dust everywhere!), then wearing this bag was the right choice.
The oilcloth bag is just dust away. No need to worry if it will get any dirt or stain from the construction.

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