Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Summary of 2011 bag acquisition: the story continued

I made the first post in regards to my 2011 bag acquistion in here that described my premium designer handbags obsession. In short, throughout 2011 I bought a few bags and I got a little obsessed over one or two brands (ehm, like Celine).

But, other than those names mentioned in the previous post, I also had huge craving over Longchamp and I flirted with Tory Burch as well.

So in this post I wish to display my acquisition for those two brands throughout 2011. Frankly speaking, I have a very weak spot for Longchamp's colourful Le Pliage bags. Hence it was not a surprise that I bought quite a few (errr, like twenty something) of this iconic bag. Some of them (the limited edition ones) were acquired through eBay ;)

As for Tory Burch, I like their tote bags and bags from Robinson collection. Tory Burch tote bags were proven to be the perfect companion for weekend or going to a pilates session. And the Robinson collection's bags were just perfect as working bags.


Tory Burch

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