Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Summary of 2012 bag acquisition: more bags

In this post, I wish to summarize my 2012 bag acquisition for non premier designer category. This refers to non high-end brands bag purchase. For the premier designer handbags, I have recently made a post in here.

In 2012 I still adored some Tory Burch bags, especially the bags from its classic lines like Robinson and 797. So throughout the year I managed to acquire these 2 bags during their promotional offer (i.e. with 20-30% discount): Robinson Double Zip tote and 797 medium satchel.

The Cambridge Satchel Company was my latest venture in 2012. I just bought the bags in November-December last year. In my case, wearing a satchel bag from this brand always requires me to carefully plan the stuffs that I carry inside my bag. The bag is not roomy and the leather is quite stiff. So, the bag capacity is not that much. In general I can only bring wallet, mobile phone, a pack of tissue, keys and when I use the 13inch satchel I can still slip in my small make up pouch. Yet, I still like its classic satchel look and I am still thinking to get another one in orange or pink.

I have to admit that in 2012 I still actively grew my Longchamp collection by focusing on its limited edition series. I still purchased the regular Le Pliage though, but it was only during the end of season sale with offers that I could not refuse lol. By the end of the year I have accumulated 19 new Longchamp bags. But look, they were much less than what I got in 2011 ;)  

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