Sunday, October 26, 2014

My very first Celine Nano

Without further ado, please allow me to introduce my very first Nano. I bought it in August as a self birthday present (I am a Leo!). The colour is Coquelicot which in my opinion is a true red colour and I instantly fall in love! I got it from the local Celine store and the SA was kind enough that she kept this bag for me for 2 weeks as I was out of town. The leather is called drummed (it is basically grained leather) and with gold hardware. Beautiful indeed.

I do love Nano very much that I wish to get another one early next year. I am hoping that next Spring Summer collection Celine will bring bright coloured Nanos. I like a mini bag like Nano in bold/vivid colour instead of getting black or blue. I have been eyeing a yellow Nano and wish that Ms. Philo will release beautiful yellow (like sunflower yellow) in the next season.

Once I carry Nano more often, I think that the Mini looks so huge on me lol. I still love the Mini though and am so excited that my Minis now have a smaller (and cuter) sister.

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