Saturday, October 25, 2014

Recent beauty haul

I have been using La Mer moisturizing cream for nearly a decade. I simply love its texture and it is very suitable for my skin condition which can get dry easily. I normally bought the 30ml jar of Creme de La Mer moisturizing cream (I finish that jar for 3 month of regular use). But from my recent purchase, I was offered a special package that is worth the money and it includes the 60ml jar of my favourite moisturizing cream and also the eye concentrate.

So here are the skincare products that come in that small green box:

Creme de la Mer moisturizing cream / The eye concentrate / Blanc de la Mer whitening essence intense / Blanc de la Mer cleansing foam / Blanc de la Mer infusion / Blanc de la Mer whitening lotion intense.

I am always happy if I buy skincare that comes in small package. I would re-use the small bottle/jar once I finish the product and refill them with cream/liquid face wash for travelling purpose.

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