Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yes! I finally got a small cross body bag

Few weeks ago, I was in the hunt for a 'perfect' crossbody bag (please check here on my previous post). This crossbody bag is intended for going out with kids, where I have to carry a baby bag and I do not want to burden my other shoulder with another shoulder bag. So I need a small crossbody bag that is big (or small) enough to fit a continental wallet, a mobile phone, car key and a small pack of tissue.

Then I have narrowed down my option to few Louis Vuitton bags and Celine Nano Luggage. The name of Mulberry never came up to my mind.

Until I saw this lovely Mini Alexa in Conker.

It was simply a love at the first sight. I love the colour so much!!! Conker has been the Mulberry's signature colour for leather goods, other than Oak of course. This Mulberry leather has so many veins which reminds me of Balenciaga one. I was immediately sold! And after 5 minutes of checking and trying the bag, I made a decision that the bag should come home with me.

So, without further ado, this is a Mulberry Mini Alexa Conker.

Oooh, and I have to say that I got it with 30% discount *big smile*

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