Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Confession of a Celine Luggage addict

Well, these pictures speak a thousand words ;)


  1. First, your luggage collection is truly drool worthy!!! As I am on a quest to buy my first luggage tote in camel, I was wondering if it is easier to care for the grained calfskin than the smooth calfskin?

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for visiting my bag blog ;)
      For me personally I like the smooth leather much better.
      The grained leather bag slouches too much in my opinion. While I like my mini luggage that can stand on its own. And I noticed that the grained leather bag pick up colour transfer from my jeans easily. But they can be wiped by baby wipes carefully, and the stain has disappeared.
      While the smooth clafskin may get scratch but when i rub it gently with my clean fingers, I may noticed that the scratch became 'shallow', not as a deep scratch as it first got.
      If I have to choose between grained vs smooth clafskin, I prefer the smooth clafskin, because for this kind of bag style I like it in sturdy effect.

      I have not experienced the new drummed leather in mini luggage, released this year. It has the same leather character as grained clafskin (not smooth and veiny). I heard that is sturdier than grained clafskin.

      Camel mini luggage is such a beautiful bag.
      Good luck for you quest. I guess it will be full of excitement moments when finding your dream bag ;)


  2. Thanks so much for your detailed answer. It surely will not only be helpful for me but for other readers as well.

    Happy bag shopping :-)

  3. Celine bag is the perfect complement for any fashion outfit.

  4. Oh my god!! Sell me that orange Luggage! LOOOOOVE it :--))

    And that cute mini-alexa too.