Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Afternoon coffee time

Yesterday I had a great lunch and afternoon time with my girlfriends. It was a 2.5hour lunch at an authentic Japanese rastaurant and followed by a session of coffee time at Monolog. I considered that Monolog serves quite a good coffee.

My bag of the day were Balenciaga Work Sang SGH and an eco bag from Perigot (the one in red-white stripes). I intentionally brought this eco bag so that any shopping bag (ehm, I will reveal later), iPad, a bottle of mineral water can all be kept in one place and it made my hands free from carrying any bags.
I was fully aware that my Balenciaga work bag had enough space for iPad, mineral water bottle, and a small shopping bag. But I did not want to carry a heavy bag. I prefer to split the weight into 2 bags. Hence, this Perigot's eco bag always comes very handy for me and I often bring it when I head to a shopping mall;)

Well, this Perigot's eco bag is made from jersey fabrics (I also have the one made from nylon and cotton). The tote bag can be folded and tucked inside the bear's tummy. It is cute and trust me, most of the time this bag was a conversation starter. Like: "Hey, this is so cute. Where did you get this bag?" or "oh my God, I did not think that the bag can be folded into the shape of a cute bear!" :D

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