Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thursday retail therapy

My best friend just moved to her new house and I has been invited to her housewarming party on this coming Sunday. So I was looking for the perfect housewarming gift. To be honest I have no idea on the design or theme of her new house. This could be classic, minimalist, tropical minimalist or Javanese traditional design. Finding the right gifts that would match (and be used) for the new house design is not very simple then.  Well, initially I thought that I could give her kitchen utensils/tools or coffee maker. But, she claimed that she had enough of dining or kitchen utensils. Hence, housewarming gift hunting was a bit of challenge for me.

I was glad that I know Tulisan who is known in designing nice stuffs for home interior with unique prints. I then headed to its store and finally I considered the toy box will be the right gift. My friend has 2 boys aged five and three years old. So a toy box will certainly be useful in her new house to keep the boys' toys. Yes, mission accomplished!

Toy Box in 'Lucernia Life' print
Image from Tulisan

BUT, my shopping spree did not end on this toy box only. I also took home two bags from Tulisan latest prints: Mimosa Love and Butterflies of Victor. hehehe....
Another mission was accomplished! Successfully accomplished!

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