Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I am currently coveting Celine leather belts

I have a confession to make.
Other than coveting handbags and having the never ending bag wish list, I am also a belt lover (and a bit of shoes fetish as well *wink*)

Recently I found out that Celine makes great leather belts with unique statement buckle. My last belt acquisition is no exception too. See how unique the buckle or locking system is. And I got it last month during Tuesday Retail Therapy session.

According to the sales receipt, the belt has quite a long name: 'extra thin lock belt low waist' and the colour is stated as army green (hmmm, although it looks like khaki in my eyes :p )

Ooh by the way, this one is actually my second Celine belt that I bought in the past 3-4 months. My first Celine belt (in black) also has a unique statement buckle and leather design. Psssst, I got it during Celine's end of season sale *big smile* See photo bellow for my first Celine leather belt.
Isn't it super cute and unique?

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