Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Loewe Amazona: it starts growing on me

2 weeks ago I visited (the one and only) Loewe store in my city for the first time. And I saw their spring summer 2012 collection of the iconic Amazona bags and instantly I love them. The material is from polished goatskin and the above Amazona bags have dimension of 36x23x15 cm.
These 3 multicolor Amazona bags have won my heart. Bold and bright colour leather handbags never failed me.

But, I still have some hesitations though, about this Amazona bag
  • The bag has to be hand carried (a couple years ago I gave up the classic Louis Vuitton Speedy, so I know very well on how I would use this handcarry-styled handbag. Not often)
  • I am not sure on size that suits me better. The bag comes into different size, and the most common sizes are 36cm and 29cm (this is the length size)
  • I am still in love with Celine and in the hunt for a tricolor trapeze. So this Amazona bag is definitely not on the no 1 list, yet. I now apply the approach of 'One bag at a time'. I try to limit myself from acquiring multiple (read 'more than one') premier designer handbags within a month - just to be consistent with my new year's resolution.


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