Saturday, March 17, 2012

Etsy shopping spree

My other guilty pleasure is shopping at Etsy. I always love and appreciate handmade items and Etsy is a heaven for everthing handmade.

On the week when I was sick and spent most of my time on the bed, I frequently checked my favourite shops at Etsy. I then impulsively shopped few items (well, all were pouches in different sizes that have different functions).

I always like small pouches. They make my life simple and colourful. I use them for storing make up, medicines, mobile charger, baby diapers, kids' toys, MRT card, tissue, store discount cards, etc... that I bring inside my handbag. I am the person who does not really like to use a bag organizer. I much prefer to have few small and useful pouches inside the bag.

These pouches are from different Etsy shops. Yet I especially like items from SeaBreeze Studio whose owner (Yukiko) is residing in Japan. And this loot is not my first purchase from her. Previously I made 2 purchases from SeaBreeze Studio, as I posted here and here.

From 'lindakleijer' @Etsy

From 'seabreezestudio' @Etsy

From 'cottontopquilts' @Etsy

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