Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lounging cosily

It was one of the weeks when I changed handbags quite often. Sometimes a decision to change a handbag was quite impulsive (helloooo... I am also impulsive shopper. Remember?). It means that it was often in the last minute before I left home. In that case, I had to spend extra 5-10 minutes to quickly take out the bag (stored inside the dustbag) from the closet, to carefully take out the bag out of its dustbag and to move the contents from the previous bag into the newly chosen bag.

However, sometimes I did not have time to put the previous bag inside the dustbag and to return it to the closet. And when the next morning/day I impulsively changed another bag (again) and did not immediately return the previous one to the closet, then I would have more than one bags that have not been stored properly. I normally just 'dumped' the bags on the lazy chair in our bedroom. I consider that it is still 'safe' as the lazy chair is not closed to the windows and those bags were not affected by the sunlight passing through windows.

Hence it is not a surprised that I would have 3 bags laying on our lazy chair, just like on these pictures. They basically were waiting to be stored inside the dustbag and returned to the closet. On that day when this pic was taken, I wore my Goyard St Louis bag that was not featured on this lazy chair.

So the 3 of them were just lounging cosily, enjoying our comfy lazy chair and became couch potatoes lol

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