Thursday, May 31, 2012

Today's afternoon treat

Macaron oh maccaron, I simply never get enough of them.
And I am now dreaming of Laduree's macaron.

This tasted good too!
But I forgot the name of this yummy cake

My afternoon treat!

Have a guess, which bag is mine?

I had lunchie with my dear friend at our Japanese favourite restaurant, and it was then followed by a coffee session (or hot choc session for me) at Monolog.

After a fruitful long discussion and chatting and gossiping, I now have a new wish list. But it is nothing to do with handbags or food or travel.

So here are some hints of my new wish list: vanguard vs. manfrotto, CPL and 100mm *grin*


  1. wow. u saw n u grab it so fast, dear!

    1. hmmm... Yes! can't believe that I could hunt down my holy grail