Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's packing time!

I just finsihed packing. Yay!

I decided to bring both Celine trio and Prada tessuto crossbody bags :D During the flight tomorrow morning, Prada bag will take the duty. It is roomy enough to carry my essentials plus 4 passports and tickets. And while strolling the city, Celine trio will be the perfect companion as I will carry a baby toddler bag so I do not need a bigger handbag ;)

Other than clothes, I keep things in small pouches inside the luggage. Well, I actually I keep my underwear inside one of those pouches ;) I like small pouches as a way to organize the luggage. It makes me (as well as DH) easier to find stuffs. Whenever he asks for a mobile phone charger, I can simply tell him to find a brown Kipling pouch.

As always, whenever I travel, I bring my favourite tea, Japanese green tea. I would drink this tea every morning as part of my brakfast ritual.

So, please excuse for not making any posts for the whole week as I will be on holiday :)

Nite nite ;)


  1. have a safe journey dear..and looking forward to read your entry on your vacations...or things you bought during vacations:-)

    1. Hi Jee,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. I already came back already from my trip.
      Yet I did not do any shopping. Zero shopping. LOL.
      I was fully occupied by kids' itinerary ;) But the kids were happy, so I am happy too


  2. I too keep things in small pouches. They are great for travel. Have a wonderful vacaton!
    Best, M.

    1. Hi M,
      Thanks for dropping me a comment.
      Small pouches are proven to help me to be more organized. I kept buying small pouches whenever I saw some cute ones... hahaha
      Thanks for your wishes. I had a wonderful holiday with the kids.
      Kids were happy and they don't get sick too... it was such a relief for parents, right? ;)