Saturday, May 12, 2012

Current obsession: ostrich handbags

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I am not talking about any Hermes bags made from ostrich. This bag is definitely beyond my current league :p

Instead, I am talking about my current wishlist of having a nice hobo bag made from ostrich leather. Ostrich leather itself already looks ellegant and rich. A simple hobo design will be enough and we have to let the 'leather' speaks for itself - because the leather texture is already beautiful and unique. I do not mind of having an ostrich handbag from not-so-premium brands or even non-branded name. As I know the price for ostrich leather is soooo expensive when there is a big name printed on it.

So I browsed around looking for ostrich bag reference and found some names that have specialized themselves in designing handbag made from exotic skins, including ostrich.


I like this simple design of sky blue ostrich hobo bag from Gleni. Honestly, the shape of the bag reminds me of a style from one of the big mansions in the world. But I still like it though ;)

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Chic hobo bag in warm havana ostrich leather. Very classic! The name of this style is referred as 'Newyorker' from Nuti.
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But again, I am not about to buy any of their ostrich handbags. My plan is to have a custom-made ostrich handbag. And it will be locally made. I have seen the sample during the recent local handicraft exhibition, and I felt pleased enough about the their craftsmanship. Hence, I have decided to venture myself to order one.

So here is the local name that designs nice and quality ostrich handbags (and other bags made from exotic skins).


And these are the ostrich leather swatch that was shown to me. The colour IRL is to die for. Bold and bright. Just what I like!

Now I just need to set up an appointment with them to visit the showroom/workshop and select the perfect leather. I am currently thinking about orange or fuchsia ostrich with the matching lambskin for bag lining. Hmmm it sounds so devine already. Can't wait!

Psssssst, by the way, I have recently bought their croco wallet and clutch and I am so happy with this recent purchase.

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