Saturday, May 19, 2012

I hope he likes it


This is a birthday present for DH. I do hope he likes it *fingers crossed*

It is an Hermes 'Tandem' belt in palladium hardware.

The buckle design is simple but this is the style that (I think) my DH would wear everyday. I once bought him the 'H' buckle belt and he did not like it. The H logo was to big for his liking and he just never wore it. Well, he's quite an anti-logo/anti-monogram person, especially for his own personal items.

To be honest, finding a birthday present for a man is not an easy task for me. Every year I start thinking on getting the present like 1-1.5 month prior his birthday. I had to do few 'window shoppings' for finding gift ideas, check the suitable sizes, do comparison (from few final choices) and most importantly I had to sneak around from DH to do so (and get an acceptable excuse)! Hahaha.... It is not that he did not give me permission to go out. It's just because we used to tell each other where we have been to or are going to...

So, this year's birthday gift mission has been successfully accomplished. And I have another one year to think about the next birthday gift :)

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