Friday, May 18, 2012

(Kids) Holiday is just around the corner

Next week will be our annual (kids) holiday. We will be travelling with 2 toddlers (5 years old and 2.5 years old) and surely it has given me a high level of anxiousness prior to departure date. The itinerary is very simple, to go to Disneyland and we will stay at the hotel inside the Disneyland complex. I have not put any personal agenda (like window shopping) or made a shopping list. This is kids holiday, so kids' satisfaction and enjoyment must come first!

My main concern is that the kids are currently not well as they are having cough and cold. I am now doing all the packing for four of us and my packing list (and to do list) seems to grow everyday. I still have 2 days left and hope the kids will recover fast.

I have not decided on which handbag that I will bring, though I know that it will be a crossbody bag. I have some thoughts on the following bags: Celine Trio, Prada tessuto crossbody bag or Kipling crossbody bag. Surely I would not bring many personal stuffs as I will carry another baby (errrr, toddler) bag (it's a Kipling bag). So those small/medium sized crossbody bag will suffice.

My handbag will only be for the essentials like a small wallet, mobile phone, a pack of tissue, airline tickets and 4 passports. I really wish that Celine Trio can fit all those items as it is really lightweight.

I guess my to do list has been added: to try out the bag suitable for kids holiday.

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