Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip Tote

I am a fans of Tory Burch Robinson collection.
So when a tote bag insaffiano leather with longstrap was launched, I was excited. I thought that the style is great for daily handbag and the price is relatively cheaper compared to Prada's tote bag in saffiano leather. Check my previous post in here when I drooled over this Robinson (and Prada tote) bag.

So here is my new Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip Tote in Black



Gold hardwares

The bag has great details on its hardwares. Check this close up photos. TB logo or name or ornament is embossed on most of the gold hardwares.

Made in China (no surprise)

With this price range, I should not expect that the bag will be tagged as Made in Italy :p
But see how tiny and thin the Made in China' plastic tag is!


Whenever I used the bag, I always felt that it is NOT a lightweight bag. So I took it to the bathroom scale and it weighs 1.2kg when it is empty and longstrap is attached. Note that the weight may not be 100% accurate as my digital scale is old enough :p

When the bag is worn

In my opinion, the best to wear the bag is to have it handcarried without the longstrap. The bag will show its best shape and it looks neat! This is how it looks when it is handcarried (but sorry, no mod pics yet :( )

When the longstrap is used, can I give a suggestion that the magnetic closure must be always fastened?

In the next few pics, you may see the difference when the magnetic closure is fastend or unfastened and how it affects the shape of the bag!

So, this is the bag worn with longstrap and the magnetic closure is fastened.
The shape of the bag is still in 'boxy/square-ish' shape as it should be for a tote bag.
And notice the 2 next pictures where the longstrap 'pulled' up (with strong power) the saffiano inside lining and for me it looks a bit fragile! I am afraid that sooner or later it may damage the stitches!

And now see when the bag is worn with longstrap with magnetic closure is unfastened.
The bag shape now looks like a 'parallelogram' lol. No longer a boxy/square-ish-shaped bag as it should be for a tote bag ;) The bag does not look neat for a tote bag and this fact quite annoys me though :((
Ooh, and also notice in the last photo that the issue of its longstrap pulling up the saffiano inside lining (in full power) still exists :(

My verdict

As a conclusion, this is still a great bag for me. But whenever I want to use it, I would leave the longstrap at home and have the bag handcarried. Then I believe that the bag will showcase its best chic and classic shape to everyone looking at it ;)

Pssst, the bag was empty when all these pics were taken.


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