Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another new arm candy

It is very obvious that I am a bracelet addict when it comes to jewelry. Wearing bracelet is so much fun and I can easily stack or mix and match them. And the most important thing why I like to wear bracelets is that because I can 'see' it while I am wearing it. It is unlike wearing earrings or necklace where only the other persons can see those jewelries attached to my body.

So this month I think I have already made some bracelet hauls. Around 2 weeks ago I got 2 Valentino rockstud bracelets (check here) and now I just acquired a Balenciaga cuff in Bleu Paon with silver metallic edge. It is from FW2014 collection as I was told that the metallic edge series released in FW2014 collection are all in 'silver hardwares'.

Since I still have a wishlist of Balenciaga black cuff in gold metallic edge, so I guess that I have to patiently wait until the next season when (hopefully) the metallic edge series will be in gold hardwares.

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