Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bag of the day: Celine Croc-embossed Trapeze

Since the release of Mini Trapeze in early 2014, I have been contemplating whether I should switch my medium Trapeze to the Mini version. I like the size of mini Trapeze, which is more suitable for my petite frame. And with the option of 3-colour combo, that mini version just becomes a super cute handbag. My SA also mentioned that the mini Trapeze was flying off the shelves quickly nowadays yet she promised that she could help me finding the perfect colour combo that I wish for.

Sometimes there is this evil idea that I could have both Trapezes (medium and mini), so that I just need to get a mini version (and keep this black beauty). However I further thought that I only want to have one Trapeze. And to tell you the truth, most of the time this bag stays in her dust bag inside my closet and I rarely took her out especially while I went out with the kids. I would rather use Goyard St Louis as my trusted bag for going out with three kids.

So that's the reason why I have been actively wearing my one and only medium Trapeze and continuously thinking 'should I or should I not' switch to the smaller version. Just like today. This bag was on duty again, and as expected I fall in love again with this classic piece. I like the fact that the leather has become softer and it is no longer a stiff leather. And the smell of Celine leather is just divine.

So yes, this baby will stay in my closet for a longer period of time... I hope that I have made a sound decision this time.... *fingers crossed*

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