Saturday, August 16, 2014

My new personalized Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir

Around 3 months ago, Longchamp local store had an event where they accepted custom order of personalized Le Pliage Cuir. I surely could not miss such opportunity, especially the offer was only a short period of time.

When I decided to get my personalized Le Pliage Cuir, I was simply overwhelmed with the colour combination that Longchamp offered in Le Pliage Cuir. At that time Longchamp offered its Spring Summer 2014 colours for the personalization products (see first photo above), which means bright pop colours such as pink, orange, yellow, red, etc, and those the colours that I love. So I knew that the making of personalized bag would be challenging for me lol

In the first step of making the personalized Le Pliage Cuir, I had to choose the model or size, but it was an easy task as I had decided from the beginning that it will be a medium Le Pliage. Then the second step was very challenging as I had to select one colour for the main body. I decided that it had to be a bright colour so I did not look further at brown, black, taupe, dark blue ones. I simply narrowed down the colour option because I already had Le Pliage Cuir in yellow (here), red (here), orange (here), fuchsia (here) in my current collection. Hence there was only one option left: P.I.N.K.

After I selected a medium size Le Pliage in pink, then I jumped into the lining decision. From the beginning I knew that I must have the lining in bright yellow as in the regular Le Pliage Cuir bag we would never ever get a yellow lining. Again this part of lining selection is an easy job for me.

And the next few steps are full of FUN. Yes I had fun in choosing the colour combination for the handles and flap, tabs and long strap. Before placing the order, I spent like 1.5 hours inside the store to play around with the colour swatches and finally came up with following final decisions (1) orange for handles, flap and tabs, and (2) dark blue for the long strap. In the last step I decided that I had to have my initial perforated on the main body. After placing and confirming the order all I had to do was to wait (impatiently) lol for approximately 3 months.

Therefore when I received my personalized bag last week, I was very satisfied and excited with the bag. Now I am eager to get another one especially the Fall Winter 2014 collection offers amazing purple tones such as bilberry or amethyst. I wished that the local store could offer another opportunity for custom order again *fingers crossed*

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  1. The US online store has a link to customize the cuir and nylon versions. I've been on the verge for a while!