Friday, August 1, 2014

My broken Celine Trio

About a month ago my red Celine Trio got an incident and the pictures above depicted what actually happened. Its long strap was broken and separated from the trio's main body. Oh noooo ... It was surely a horror story for all bag addicts.

The story behind the incident was that I was on a trip with my kids and brought this bag as my handbag. At that time my bag was definitely overloaded. I simply put too many heavy items inside the bag (i.e. power bank, 2 mobile phones, wallets, 4 passports with the covers, etc), then this incident was inevitable and happened while I was on the plane.

Of course I was shocked and weeping but not too long as I soon realized that the broken strap was due to loose stitching. I positively thought that it can be fixed. And yes it can. Upon returning from my trip, I went to Captain Fix, and voila on the following my red Celine Trio looked perfectly fine like nothing bad had ever happened to her. I specially requested them to use a red thread to attach back the long strap and I also brought my other Celine Trio as a sample for them to fix my red one. With this approach, I can get my bag back into flawless condition again. I believe that the repairman at Captain Fix did a wonderful job as I noticed that the stitching that they did was pretty neat (and strong!). The next 2 pictures displayed my Celine Trio after the repair and I took the photos while I was still inside the Captain Fix shop to pick up the bag.

So yes, my story has a happy ending and I have two lessons learnt , i.e. (1) I must not put too many heavy items inside a Celine Trio (2) it is important to get to know a trusted bag repair shop.

And after this incident my love for Celine Trio is unchanged (until today, it's one of my favourite handbag) and I still consider that this bag is a great one for travelling or for running some errands around the city.


  1. Finally it is fixed! Happy for u though initially crossed my mind that it was apparentlu a good r3ason to buya new one hihihi. Alice fd

    1. yay! problem solved within one working day. That repairman at Captain Fix did a wonderful job to my bag.