Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nice goodies from Cath Kidston Summer Sale - Part 2

Holiday bag and day bag

Holiday bag in 'Country Rose'

The holiday bag can be folded and tucked into its matching pouch that came with the bag. Nice!

The holiday bag has 2 zipper pulls which is a good attribute for a holiday bag,
so that we can lock the bag by using the padlock

Day bag in 'British Birds'

During the last Cath Kidston summer sale, I made several purchases and last week I just received the second batch. The first batch has been featured here.

Here comes the second batch of my Cath Kidston goodies: 
  1. Day bag in British Birds
  2. Holiday bag in Country Rose
  3. Shopping trolley (foldable) in Slate spot (photo N/A)
I found difficulty to take pictures of the shopping trolley as I need to put some stuffing quite a lot to make it look like a trolley.

Anyway, there are some reasons why recently I am quite drawn to Cath Kidston:
  1. The vintage flowery patterns can hypnotize me successfully LOL
  2. The bag is my preferred bag to do the grocery shopping and to go to the pilates studio. Because they are made from oilcloth fabrics, then it is very maintenance-free. I don't need to worry the bag will get stain from the fresh seafood/meat that I choose from in the supermarket. And I can also be careless when I put in my dirty and wet clothes after having the sweaty pilates session
  3. And lastly, not so many people are seen to be wearing the 'authentic' Cath Kidston bags. Fakes are everywhere but it is very obvious when it is fake!

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