Sunday, August 14, 2011

What did I get during ICRA 2011?

Batik shawl, hobo python bag and car key chains

Handwoven batik shawl from Batik Mahadewi

Car key chains

See the size of the scales. This must be coming from a big python snake!

I always enjoyed a visit to a handycraft exhibition. Luckily there is always one event in every 3 months in my city. I just love seeing those beautiful handmade items. I am so proud of those skills and excellent craftsmanship.
The last event was held last month (27-31Jul 2011) and it was called ICRA. I didn't know what ICRA stands for and I never really bother to find out futher. lol

Anyway durig this event I did not shopped that much. These are the items that I got:

Handwoven and handpainted batik shawl from Batik Mahadewi
I am quite regular to their works of art. The owner are just very nice. I always bought a piece of their beautiful batik (mostly shawl) whenever they had an exhibition in my city. One day I wish to visit their hometown/shop which happens to be in the same area of my grandmother's house.

Electric blue python hobo bag from ET Club
ET Club originally comes from Bali and they have a nice shop in Seminyak main street. But I never went to the shop. They have quite nice (and cute!) collection of sandals and python bags. The style of the python bags are quite different from others and the bag is well made. The snake skin is also very soft and it has big scales (meaning that it came from a big snake). As a python bag addict I can't help myself but take home the bag with me.... It turned out that I got a lot of compliments from my dear friends. It is amazing on how the shade of blue will change amazingly depending on the lighting. Just like a chameleon.

Colourful car key chains from ........ (forgot the name of the vendor)
This is a handy car key chain and the size is just right. The leather is also soft so that it can be easily slipped into the pocket.

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