Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Elegant black beauty

It's been a while since I wore Hermes Kelly 32 black box.

The bag has been resting comfortably in its own space. Yes, it has a special storing space/corner (not in a box, btw) since I am so afraid that its shape will be damaged if it is stored in an overcrowded closet (which happens in most of my closet or wardrobe :p )  I really can't imagine if K32 BB has to be stored together with Balenciaga GH. Ouch, it must be screaming loudly if the giant buttons touch (or scratch!) the smooth box calf leather.

Anyway, wearing this bag really made me admiring the greatness of Hermes leather. The bag is a vintage one and has been aging gracefully and beautifully. It still shines throughout this year.

And I have to remind myself when taking out this bag from its sleeping bag on the few checklist:
  • short fingernails
  • no big ring (with sharp edges)
  • no metal bangles 
  • no Balenciaga wallet (because it has those small or giant metal buttons!)
  • carefully position the wrist watch when my left hand slips into the bag

so that the bag won't get any scratches LOL

These are the cost of owning K32 BB. Yet I still love it. It is trully a classic item and I am happy that I own the vintage one. I feel that the bag has a lot of stories of its own journey and has been keeping it for itself for many many years.

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