Sunday, August 14, 2011

This colourful batik bag can cheer me up

Seeing this colourful batik bag can cheer me up
What's inside my bag?

This is how I use tote bag organizer from Auntie Betsie. Everything can be nicely fit into it.

I recently used this bag on my regular busy days. It means that it was a day when I did some errands like: went to my kids' school to drop them of, stopped by at the campus to pick up the text book that I will use in my teaching in the next semester, made a quick stop at the bank and pharmacy.
This may look so simple, but when I had to deal with traffic from hell, then doing those things could consume almost the whole day *sigh*

So, wearing a nice bag that can cheer me up is really comforting since I can forget the bad traffic or the hot day for a while.

Oh, and whenever I use any kind of tote bag, I always made use of my favourite tote bag organiser from Auntie Betsie.

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