Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Louis Vuitton L'ame du voyage

The front cover

L'ame du Voyage Catalog

Menilmontant bag in Monogram Canvas
PM USD1,150
MM USD1,360

Elegie bag in Monogram Idylle canvas
Speedy with shoulder strap or Speedy Bandouliere
Starting from USD1,065 (size 25) to USD1,140 (size 40)

The back cover

L'ame du voyage means 'The soul of the trip'

2 days ago I received a Louis Vuitton catalog themed L'ame du voyage. The contents are beyond amazing. The pictures are very nicely and beautifully taken and every picture can tell the story of its own. They took India as the location of the photoshoot. And it was never the wrong choice of location to describe how Louis Vuitton goodies can be the perfect companion for an exotic trip to the wild Asia.

I was quite keen on some of the bags featured. Like Speedy with shoulder strap, Menilmontant and Elegie. Each of this bag has the same attribute, i.e. has a longer shoulder strap and can be worn crossbody. I am now in the search of a perfect crossbody bag which will be suitable for my companion during my fall trip to Spain and France *fingers crossed*. So I am seriously considering these bags, especially Menilmontant. The front pleat makes Menilmontant look very feminine and the flap can still secure the bag.

Now I just need to fertilize my money tree (if I have any) to grow faster until fall this year as I need the money for some extra shoppings during (and before) the trip.... LOL

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